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Change is never easy

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Sorry to my millions of fans. I haven’t posted in a while. That’s okay though. I know you’ll all forgive me.

I know no one really reads this but I’ve realised lately how therapeutic it was to write (or type) everything out and just put it out into the world. Once it’s out there it’s kind of like you can forget about it.

Anyway, I haven’t just been sitting around. I’ve been thinking. Think takes up a lot of energy a time. I don’t mean like what-do-I-have-for-dinner type thinking. I mean like questioning who I am type thinking.

See, I believe in change. I think people can change. It’s part of how we learn, or at least I believe that’s what it’s for. We learn our likes and dislikes, our fears, our traits and each time we learn, we change.

It’s sounds easy enough but it’s not. Some people don’t learn. Some people don’t want to learn. Some people are happy and fine the way there are. I mean, not everyone needs to change.

And this isn’t about flaws because we all make mistakes. It’s about being the best version of yourself. It’s about bringing someone of value into someone’s day, and that can be as little as telling someone their hair looks like, or they have their top on inside out.

Change is made in so many ways and for so many reasons, but the only thing I’ve found that is consistent is intent. You have to mean it.

No matter who wins the race, you all run the same distance. I just want to make the journey as pleasant as possible.

K x

Happy Yule!

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Yesterday we welcomed the winter solstice. It’s the shortest day of the year and from here on the days will start to get longer. Every 6 months there is a solstice (the next one being around the 21st of June).

The sun is reborn and it’s a symbol for life; meaning that spring is only a few months away. The earth will reawaken and start to grow and bloom again.

Our ancient ancestors spent a lot of time out doors. They hunted, farmed, celebrated all outdoors. The winter solstice was a turning point to celebrate the good news that another year was on it’s way. During the winter minimal crops grew, there were less animals to hunt and it would have been hard to see the seasons through. But summer and autumn are full of crops, plants, animals. Plenty to keep people alive.

Yule is celebrated by lighting a large bonfire where the people would gather and dedicated it to the Sun God. They were furnish their homes with evergreens to show that even though the land is in hibernation, there is still life, and they would decorate it and their homes with shiny objects to encourage the Sun God to shine.

Holly and mistletoe was used as fertility symbols to again show that there is still life and things still can grow in the darkest times. The holly represented blood of the Goddesses while the mistletoe symbolised the semen of the Gods.

Yule goes back to before we recorded time on paper, but you can find note about the Romans celebrating Saturnalia. This ran from approximately the 17th to 23rd of December. Ordinary rules were broken. Men dressed and women, servants dressed as masters, they had big feasts and were given lavish gifts.

It’s believed that Druids started the tradition of the Yule Log. They would take a log and cut it into 12. Each day another piece was burnt and a wish made for the coming year.

Many traditions are still followed by modern day pagans and non-pagans, although it is now seen as a Christian festival with most celebrating on the 25th of each year.

Love and light to you all. I hope the Gods see you get all you are due.

Blessed be

Kim x

Rant: Be Strong

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I keep seeing these people who go on about being strong. I guess it goes somewhat hand in hand with mental health. And, don’t get me wrong, it’s great when you’re in the right mind space.

All things given I feel that I’m in a good place mentally, but today I saw a post that just annoyed me. I’m 100% sure that the poster meant well and I’m not into the business of telling people what they can and cannot post, and yes I know I can unfollow things I don’t want to see.

My issue isn’t directly with the phrase used: “Be Strong”. My issue is with what people think “strong” looks like. It’s always portrayed as fighting the world, or taking on new ventures. It’s always kicking mental health in the arse and achieving goals that you didn’t think you’d ever meet.

But what when it’s not? What if being strong is just getting out of bed one morning? What if being strong is letting people see how much you are struggling, or breaking down in front of your family and letting them know everything is not okay? What if being strong is making that phone call for help when you are stood at the edge of a bridge or staring into a bottle of pain medication?

I don’t want to stop everyone celebrating their wins. I really don’t. If you are someone that is currently in a great place or is making taking huge leaps towards the success of getting better than well done. Really. Because I know its not easy.

But you should know that in those dark moments you need to celebrate the small things. You need to count those as successes because it’s rough, especially when you’re on a path that feels like it never ends.

What I’m trying to say is lets celebrate each other for all the small things as well as a big things. Whether it’s completing that 5k run or just taking a shower; lets be strong. Lets celebrate together.

Speak up if you need help and speak up if you can give help.

Kim x