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Blue moon

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Everyone go quickly to see the moon. It’s beautiful, with a blue halo. It’s big and bright and full.

Every time I fall a little bit in love with it. It makes me think that there are still wonderful things left in the world. It makes me think we should all take a moment to really see things.

Turn off all the lights we can, put phones away, turn off the computers and look into the sky. Look at each other and notice things we didn’t before. See the lines on someone’s skin, the colour of their eyes, the way their hair sits or falls.

It makes me appreciate how lucky I am and how wonderful nature is. And how I fall in love with the moon, in her all her gloriousness and power.

So, I’m laying here, in the dark. With the curtains and blinds open. In silence and skyclad, moonbathing. Being cleansed, loved and strengthened. Baring my heart, soul and mind.

It makes me proud to be who I am.

Kim x

Dream #1

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Last night I had a really weird dream. One of those that wake you up and keep you awake. It only lets you lightly doze for the rest of the night and wakes you up every 30 minutes.

It wasn’t anything particular traumatic but something I felt was giving me a meaning. I feel these dreams are just another side effect from my meds. Thinking back, nothing they was in my dream was anything to do with what I was watching on TV it talking about with anyone.

What I remember was seeing a friend who was pregnant. She was about ready to pop and went to the hospital to find out the baby was going to be still born. I remember having a Lego set to build, and going to a shop/cafe like place. They had a secret room that they would let me in. It was very white and clean.

This room somehow became white walls of a cave/room. Hubby and my friend was there and the wind was really blowing outside. There was a storm and, even though we were inside, we all got struck be lightening. I was first and I starting having a fit from it. I tried to tell the others but I couldn’t speak.

I feel like there are certain parts of my dream that stood out to me and were giving me a hidden meaning.

When dreaming about stillborns, it’s often linked to the end of something. Maybe trust in someone. It can also be linked to disruptions, failures or the loss of the feeling of achievement, like when you are trying to finish a project but loose it close to the end.

The second thing that stood out was the lightening strike. Often it’s paired with intuition and inspiration, but can be linked to raw energy with both the power to generate and be destructive.

The last thing was the fit/seizure. That only happens after I’d been struck by lightening. I could talk it warm people. This is usually representing a loss of control. The thing is, I could have sworn t was real. I would have put money on that I’d had some kind of seizure in real life. It scared me.

Maybe something will happen that I have no control over, something I lose and the dream was a warning. Maybe my brain was working overtime from the week. It just feels odd because last night was the first time I’d meditated in a week.

Or maybe it’s all in my head?

Kim x

Happy Yule!

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Yesterday we welcomed the winter solstice. It’s the shortest day of the year and from here on the days will start to get longer. Every 6 months there is a solstice (the next one being around the 21st of June).

The sun is reborn and it’s a symbol for life; meaning that spring is only a few months away. The earth will reawaken and start to grow and bloom again.

Our ancient ancestors spent a lot of time out doors. They hunted, farmed, celebrated all outdoors. The winter solstice was a turning point to celebrate the good news that another year was on it’s way. During the winter minimal crops grew, there were less animals to hunt and it would have been hard to see the seasons through. But summer and autumn are full of crops, plants, animals. Plenty to keep people alive.

Yule is celebrated by lighting a large bonfire where the people would gather and dedicated it to the Sun God. They were furnish their homes with evergreens to show that even though the land is in hibernation, there is still life, and they would decorate it and their homes with shiny objects to encourage the Sun God to shine.

Holly and mistletoe was used as fertility symbols to again show that there is still life and things still can grow in the darkest times. The holly represented blood of the Goddesses while the mistletoe symbolised the semen of the Gods.

Yule goes back to before we recorded time on paper, but you can find note about the Romans celebrating Saturnalia. This ran from approximately the 17th to 23rd of December. Ordinary rules were broken. Men dressed and women, servants dressed as masters, they had big feasts and were given lavish gifts.

It’s believed that Druids started the tradition of the Yule Log. They would take a log and cut it into 12. Each day another piece was burnt and a wish made for the coming year.

Many traditions are still followed by modern day pagans and non-pagans, although it is now seen as a Christian festival with most celebrating on the 25th of each year.

Love and light to you all. I hope the Gods see you get all you are due.

Blessed be

Kim x