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Blue moon

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Everyone go quickly to see the moon. It’s beautiful, with a blue halo. It’s big and bright and full.

Every time I fall a little bit in love with it. It makes me think that there are still wonderful things left in the world. It makes me think we should all take a moment to really see things.

Turn off all the lights we can, put phones away, turn off the computers and look into the sky. Look at each other and notice things we didn’t before. See the lines on someone’s skin, the colour of their eyes, the way their hair sits or falls.

It makes me appreciate how lucky I am and how wonderful nature is. And how I fall in love with the moon, in her all her gloriousness and power.

So, I’m laying here, in the dark. With the curtains and blinds open. In silence and skyclad, moonbathing. Being cleansed, loved and strengthened. Baring my heart, soul and mind.

It makes me proud to be who I am.

Kim x